about us

about us

NonDef is short for non-definitive.

We’re a collective of different contributors and collaborators, but at our core is a group of music and story obsessives, who create shows which soundtrack stuff that doesn’t really need to be soundtracked.

Hear us every Saturday 5-7pm on hoxtonradio.com.

The shows can do the talking:
Filmes like Star Wars, the best of John Hughes films or The Wicker Man
Communities like Synthesizer Freaks, Clapton Ultras
Little adventures like a trip through Heathrow T5 or revision for Nat’s exams
Guides to East End Cycle Shops or Chicago Vintage stores
You get the idea.

There’s a handful of us that do it pretty much all the time (Ruby, Natalie, Stu, and Chris the Badger when we can coax him out), a bunch of irregular regulars and we encourage/bully/beg for contributors as much as possible. If you have a burning ambition to be part of the major league radio DJ circuit, unlucky. But if you fancy the equivalent of a knock-about on the park with a rabble of duffers that will make you look good, please get in contact.


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