Non Definitive was inspired by that sickening feeling of pulling-out a record that you really didn’t feel excited by but you knew was going to get the crowd going. We didn’t ever want to do that again, we just wanted to play that geeky stuff. We started off as a weekly Sunday session with a collective of music nerds at a pub in Dalston, each playing 8-song playlists with specific musical themes. Here’s what it looked like..

northern heartbreak
sun moon
Screen shot 2014-01-02 at 00.09.29
jonny marsh

It was pretty awkward. These poor people were just trying to enjoy their Sunday pint and here we were, like a troupe of crazed musical tramp, trying to thrust our geeky obsessions down their throats.

dun ra moon
tribe called quest's midnight marauders samples
middle Eastern hip hop
Robin Maddock

Eventually, someone took pity on us, rightly observing that we were best taken away from direct contact with the public, asking us to take up residency at their brand new radio station… and so it begins…

photo 3

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