NDR | Alternative soundtrack to The Humans

A sort of Easy Rider/ Son’s of Anarchy combo set in 70’s California, where monkeys rule the planet and mankind are their slaves/playthings. Our soundtrack of the first volume of comics by Tom Neely and Kennan Marshall Keller deserves the tag ‘unofficial’ because they actually did their own and we’re that keen on me doing one. In fairness, theirs is bang on the money for the style of the comic and the topics, plus they are one of the few creators to have created proper a soundtrack which you can hear here which they let people download on the comic. Plus they featured actual songs (and monkey versions of the band) in the comic. Props.

That said, i’d already done mine, so here you are. yes we played ‘monkey gone to heaven’, ‘too much monkey business’ by Chuck Berry and a bunch of psyche 60’s/70’s post ‘nam beat.

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