NDR | Friends Soundtracks Call-in Show

NDR | Friends Soundtracks Call-in Show

We’ve been listening to a bit of proper radio with call-ins and thought we’d give it a bash with our own NonDef fiends call-in show. Friends & family were asked to suggest tracks that were soundtracks to their lives at some point or right now, and we gave them a shout live on the air to introduce their tracks. It was a mess of crossed cables and frayed nerves at first but we got it together in the end. Huge thanks to all involved, apologies to anyone that we couldn’t get through to or must missed, but we’ll be doing this again no doubt.

So you can find your bit and save people having to wade through hear you on the radio, here are the credits.

Lisa 1 min
Jack 15min
Sarah Dod 28min
Josh 33/38min
Gareth 40min
Jess 49min
Siobhan 54min
Hannah 1.02min
Mark 1.07min
Jonny Marsh 1.21min
Lolly Jones 1.28min
Tim Quince 1.37min
Elijah 1.48min
Dylan 1.56min
Robin 2.04min

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